18 July 2010

How to quickly accepted google adsense

One of the most popular providers of affiliate ads google adsense. In contrast to the way the rules of other affiliate providers. Google adsense is more promising to be installed on your web. This is as informed on google adsense. Google will give advertisers more on google that is equal to 80% and 20% for Google only. It's Amazing ...! However, to obtain direct verification of the google adsense dangatlah difficult. You must wait for two weeks or more. Yes it does not matter if you're immediately accepted ... another fact. There was even repeated to accept the new times. After the fact there are some terms to understand a website can be accepted at google adsense. Want to know what condition it ...?
  • Website Structure, associated with a template that is used, the language used. Use template simple and light, and certainly support all ad placement adsense google ad sizes. To better use the english language, although you can use google friendly connection to speakers of other languages.
  • Age of a website, sometimes google adsense only accept a website if you have more than 6 months of age. For example: if you create a website in May 2010, then you register on MAY 2011. This requirement is only happening on some web only, hopefully you are lucky.
  • The number of posts is a good idea when you sign up google adsense for the amount of your new web postings amount to at least 15 posts or articles.
  • The name of the website you are using is not listed as one of the sites by google adsense diblog. This happens when you buy a site that already has a PageRank, or sites that have been long dead, and you bought the domain name.
Google Adsense Tips If you are rejected on the basis of the reasons young age of the website. When you create a new website, surely google will consider the age of your weblog. If you get problems. Change the date to 6 months post backs ... for example: you have 15 posts in the month of May 2010, and June 2010 ... for the next posting. Change the date of posting to be as many as three post-January 2010, February, March, April 2010 each of three post. 

So even if you create a website in May 2010, you already have six months to post. 

If you are denied because the template does not support I think a lot of template-based provider of Google Adsense Ready and simple. you can visit How to choosing wordpress template Use the template that is perfect for simple and adsense be placed. I have some links which you can use a template, if you do not like the template can be changed after you received your google adsense. I think that's all I can explain to quickly registered at google adsense. Thank you ...! 


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