31 May 2010

Important Plugins From Wordpress

In managing a web based CMS (Content Management System) we need some plugins that we think is important to maintain our website in search engines exist. One of them provides a variety of wordpress plugins that will benefit your website. Among plugins these plugins are:
  • All in One SEO Pack, is a plugin to manage meta title, description, tags, and keywords. This includes plugins favorite plugins for SEO bloggers to process a web. To see how the settings for All In One SEO, please click here. To download : i recomended to search in google.i'm sorry to that...!!!
  • Simple Tags, are plugins to manage tags on a post without difficulty, it's very simple! you just write tags and separate them with commas. To download: i recomended to search in google.i'm sorry to that...!!!
  • Headspace 2 SEO, a SEO plugins the most impact on duplicate content. If configured properly you can obtain the function of Anti-duplicate content, but if you are wrong in the opposite arrangement may adversely affect the duplicate content. To see how the correct settings with Headspace 2 SEO, please click here. To download:
  • Akismet, these plugins are useful to avoid comment spam. Because Spam is not good for your web. You can be considered as a web search engine providers Spam. So be carefully ...! To download: i recomended to search in google.i'm sorry to that...!!!
  • Google XML Generator, is a set of plugins for the sitemap, meta description from google webmaster, yahoo site explorer, or the other. To download: i recomended to search in google.i'm sorry to that...!!!
For how to download the plugins above you can go to the website or through provider plugins to add menu plugins on your wordpress dashboard. Recommended article " tips for choosing wordpress template ".

Tips To Choosing Good Wordpress Template

Starting Wordpress template by selecting, before it i'm recommended to read really wordpress . To choose a good template. In recommend wordpress template that contains the elements of a complete PHP file. No matter the weight or lightweight template but wordpress recommends a complete template. Templates include a : 
  • Main index template / index.php, is part of the front page on a website / is often called the Home page. 
  • header.php, is the top of a template, to put the title of your web. Some can beautify your web with all sorts costumize.
  • footer.php, is the very bottom, where you put the info on the web.
  • Search Form and Search Result.php, is essential for a website to facilitate visitors to search content search criteria.
  • 404 error.php, is the most important part on the web when the content was not found by search engines.
  • Support widgets, and plugins, it is said to be due to manage some content on your website. 
  • SEO optimized, Adsense Ready if Necessary. It's for get ranked in the google search engine affiliate and get more ....
This above is a good criterion for the template of your website. Which then can you use to get a lot of dollars. In each of the above kit is customary to edit details with various tricks, so our SEO optimized. Expect the next article.

Introduction Really Wordpress

WordPress is a blogging service provider based CMS (Content Management System). WordPress including the most popular in the manufacture of the web. In addition it provides a variety of wordpress plugins that can be included in the groundbreaking web. In setting SEO (Search Engine Optimized) wordpress practically champion. Proven on the famous sites in the google search engine made by SEO wordpress. Not only that wordpress developers also provides plugins designed for developers who want to develop a wordpress. Various kinds of available plugins for web optimization. And almost everything is not Black SEO but White SEO.In that I made this website I will be sharing knowledge about SEO to many readers. SEO WordPress none other. Hopefully this article useful for the bloggers around the world. And can be a place for bloggers to share knowledge. ThanksGo .... ... Blogging!!

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