25 June 2010

How To Setting Headspace2 on Your WordPress

Headspace2 is one configuration plugin for wordpress for SEO. Headspace2 is one of the plugins for seo fee that is difficult in terms of configuration. But with the headspace you will get a total impact seo resulting in anti-duplicate content from Google Webmaster.As a condition for headspace configuration, web template must support wp_footer. It's easy, you do not need to replace your favorite templates. All you have to do is add this script on the up of footer.php. Now the template you have supportive headspace2 seo.

If you have used other SEO plugins like All in One SEO Pack you can also import via tail-Import pages.

Next is the format of headspace2 rules, these rules already exist on the Plugins page. You just have to understand from some formatting rules.

Next we start with the settings on the Page Settings tab. For setting headspace2 this time I use a domain with the theme download for mobile applications.

Headspace above settings are general settings. But already secured top! Anti-duplicate content again ...Furthermore, as we will complement the setting on the page Page Modules, Settings as shown below. 

Description: On the Use keywords tag will automatically follow as keyword tags from articles that you type ... so that we do not need to rewrite the tags and keywords.Next Page Site Modules, on this page is setting about SEO like setting complements the use of Google Webmaster, Yahoo Site Explorer, Feeds Burner, and many others. Use what you consider important.

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01 June 2010

Setting And Optimization Permalinks

Permalink is one of the settings in the content of the website links. At each service provider such as wordpress blogging, blogger, joomla permalink different settings. Here is how the setting described at the wordpress permalink.

In this section you will learn some of the principle steps to optimize your pages. For this portion I assume you already have a WordPress platform mounted on the server hosting your own property (or through a hosting provider) and not installed in the pages of the blog providers like WordPress, such as and others. to more about really fiture in wordpress you can visit here.

Optimization Page # 1 - Change the setting permalinks.Permalinks is the form of a URL that will be out on the web screen and each page (page) will have their own unique URL. Permalinks setting which is the best? Fine, if viewed in the permalinks setting section WordPress dashboard;

The results will be obtained at setting permalink above is far different.
- (Setting A)
-         (Setting B )

Setting A: permalink containing keywords for search engines in search of a content in your website.Setting B: permalink wordpress only default setting based on no. of postings / content. And this is not anything useful for search engines. 
Can disimpulakan for permalink in wordpress settings. You only need to change the custom structure with a /% postname% / or /% postname%. html. hopefully useful.

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