27 September 2010

Geo Targeting for SEO Optimization

Targeting a specific geographic area (geographic strategy):
1. Create a subdomain or subdirectory in the mother tongue (native language) are targeted geographically (German if your target
visitors from Germany) and geographical focus targets at Webmaster Central
2. Place a subdomain content on the server hosting the target location
3. Build backlinks from similar TLD
Targeting a specific language (language strategies):
1. Create a subdirectory for the native language (eg, / nl for Dutch)
2. Build backlinks from sites in the same language with the language subdirectory
3. Do not use geographic targeting (geographic strategy)
Reasons for not using the same strategy with the strategy of geographical language isbecause if searchers conduct searches in
certain languages at Google. com, then search the page with language that would receive priority than the page that is optimized
for a particular geographical area.
Geographical strategy means getting a chance on Google other than The strategy means that the language had a
chance in the search for the language used.
Maybe you do not want to vote and want to apply both to increase the visibility of your site either on google dot google dot com or
Notice the traffic logs to determine the origin of traffic your web site today – with the assumption that your site using English or
another language that is widely used in the world (if your site in the Indonesian language, can be greater than 90% of Indonesian
visitors must :) ). Note also the bounce rate.
Example: if your web site a lot of traffic coming from Germany and the level of the bounce rate was quite high compared with
visitors from the USA, make a subdirectory for German ( / de). This is the strategy language.
For geographic strategy, you then create a subdomain ( and hostedsubdomain on the server is located in
Germany, and then set its geographical targeting to Germany at Webmaster Central. Repeat this process on all the regions that
contribute to traffic on your site.
Important Note
If you ONLY want to focus and target a specific language, a subdirectory, then do not have to do the optimization geographic
targeting (geographic strategy).
You can also run the strategy /targeting language with subdomains, in addition to a subdirectory, but if you have a gTLD (generic
Top Level Domains) . com use subdirectories, not subdomains.
Title of the site and the pages and content sites in a subdirectory or subdomain must be in the mother tongue (native language),
use specific terms of the language.
Always use meta tags based language.
Place a subdomain for geographic targeting (geographic strategy) on the hosting server of the region
If using a subdomain, give links (links) from the main site.
Each subdomain has a sitemap of each.
In the meta tags and content, use the appropriate terminology (eg, if you are targeting the U.S. and UK then your site sells pants
and sweater, the pants and sweaters fit for the U.S., while the trouser and jumper is more suitable for the UK).
At the time of doing link building, get backlinks from the same TLD (eg, links from. nl for domains. nl and contains a Dutch
language, or. menaut to. with content Indonesian).
If your site manifold TLD ccTLD (country code Top Level Domains) like. fr or. de or *. ps then you do not bother running because it
automatically geographical strategies associated with the regional allocation, just stay put on server hosting right.
So, if you have a site with a TLD such as. Com and. and regions of U.S. and UK did so target your SEO, then do not have to
think about geographic strategy (geographic targeting).
But if you want to run geographic and language targeting at once, then first create a subdirectory with the content in the native
language and refer to the traffic logs (you can use Google Analytics). See the origin of many visitors who visit your site.
English also had many variations, such as U.S. Home, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, if that intention make a subdirectory for
each variety and put the specific terms of each variation on the title, meta tags, and content. Create a sitemap.xml for each
subdirectory and send sitemap.xml to all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).
The next step is to create a subdomain and place it on a subdomain-subdomain hosting servers from a country / region you focus
on. Create content in native language, repeat the steps above and set the geographic focus of each subdomain in Webmaster
With this strategy, you will have an edge over competitors SEO (or even so much less competition). It does not matter whether the
search was conducted from within or outside a certain area, it does not matter whether your site is’native‘or just’ ride ‘in the area,
no matter whether searchers conduct searches in the native language or manually using a specific domain such as
google . mx or Your site will appear in the right eye

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